Friday, June 1, 2012


I know it has been so long but I am back and I will try to be posting once or twice a week. YAY Yes I know it has been so long but I should not have to stop like that again unless my internet happens to go down in a storm or overheating or something. ALSO..... wait for it..... wait for it.... wait for it.... I might get my own domain if I can program the website correctly and if I can find the right software to make the domain YAY

Thursday, February 3, 2011


OK one thing every vegan on earth worries about dissections at school. We did that in class a week ago, I had a raging battle inside my conscience over it but in the end I did it. I will NEVER do that again. Next time I might walk out of the classroom if I have to. anyways I wish I hadn't done it.


Monday, December 27, 2010


Yep I said it you can make vegan smore's, this post is especially for the kids out yonder.
Here are all the steps:

You will need:
Original graham crackers,
Vegan chocolate chips,

1.Place the graham crackers in a baking dish.

Step 1. Place graham crackers in baking dish 

 Step 2. Melt the chocolate

Step3. Quickly stir in Dandies vegan marshmallows 

 Step 4. Try to spread it over the graham crackers. I ended up using a piece of foil to pay over it and smooth. (Waxed paper would have worked better.)

Step 5. Refrigerate for 30 min.

Step 6. Cut into squares 

VoilĂ !!

(Not so ugly, right?!) 

Elephant abuse

At circuses the elephants are abused and tortured, if you don't believe me read this.
                            EXTRA, EXTRA

Undercover Investigation Reveals That Ringling Beats Elephants

In 2009, PETA went undercover at "the saddest show on Earth"—Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus—and captured Ringling workers on video as they beat and whipped elephants dozens of times in venues across the country.

The 11 elephants  used in the show—most of whom were captured in the wilds of Asia as early as 1957 and some of whom have spent more than 40 years with the circus—suffer month after month at the hands of Ringling and its crew. PETA documented workers as they struck elephants and tigers on the head, face, ears, trunk, legs, and other parts of their bodies with bullhooks and other abusive handling tools. The unit's animal superintendant and head elephant trainer were among those who used bullhooks—sharp, fireplace pokerlike devices—to hook and yank elephants by their sensitive skin, as can be seen in our undercover video.

The abuse extended from Birmingham, Alabama, to Providence, Rhode Island―Ringling's venues changed, but the beatings did not.

One of the animals Ringing hauls across the country and forces to perform is Tonka,  a 25-year-old elephant whom Ringling has used since 1989. From a very young age, she has known only beatings with bullhooks and whips and confinement to cramped spaces, with shackles around her legs.

During our investigation, Tonka was repeatedly captured on video engaging in "stereotypic" behaviors, recognized as a sign of severe psychological distress—including swaying from side to side while simultaneously bobbing her head and swinging her right foot. Despite her condition, Tonka was forced to perform for crowds night after night.

PETA's undercover footage of this suffering is only the latest chapter in Ringling's long history of abusing animals. PETA has obtained other videos of Ringling workers as they beat animals, and former Ringling employees have even spoken out against the circus's cruel practices. A verdict is expected as early as summer 2009 in a lawsuit filed against Ringling, alleging that the circus's use of steel-barbed bullhooks, electric prods, and shackles on the elephants it forces to perform violates federal law.

information from peta

First post

Hello everyone,
My name is Dylan you've probably heard of me on my mom Sarah's website, growing vegans. I am writing this for anyone who wants a kid's perspective and for you'r kids who might want to hear about veganism from someone around their age.

  P.S. tell me if I spelled anything wrong.